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As a result, production times of bicycles and cargo bikes will be three weeks longer: around ten weeks.

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E-Cargo Classic Long with Bolted Box

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This classic full-size electric cargo bike with bolted box is a stylish and reliable workhorse for anyone who wants to bring (a lot) more than a bag, but still wants an effortless ride.

Main features:

  • Full-size, bolted cargo box, standard with one bench and two double seat belts
  • Classic & Rugged looks: Black saddle, grips and tires en off course the Bolted Box. The battery can be mounted to the back of the cargo box, allowing a less bulky rear rack to be fitted.
  • Latest model Shimano Steps electric assist system (E6100)
  • Long range of 35 - 75 mi. (increase range by 20%: battery upgrade)
  • Low maintenance internal gear hub
  • Overall length: 8'4", width: 2'1"

The Bolted Box:

The Classic Long with Bolted Box is exactly the same as the standard Classic Long, except for the box. The Bolted Box is made of the same material of the regular box, but it’s shipped unassembled, so it fits in the box with the bike. This way we save a considerable part of the shipping costs, making it possible to offer the cargo bike a fair bit cheaper.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:
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1 review for E-Cargo Classic Long with Bolted Box

  1. muris (verified owner)

    After covering over 200 miles in less than a month with this bike, we can confirm that the bike is amazing. We use it daily for taking kids to/from daycare and commuting to/from work.

    Ordering was easy and Steven was great throughout the process. He even gave us a free rain cover upgrade since we initially ordered a short one (side note: the tall rain cover is definitely a way to go). The communication with Steven was outstanding. Once built, the bike was shipped FedEx and it survived the trip. Steven was emailing frequently to ensure that everything is in order that no damages occurred.

    I chose to assemble the bike myself and that part had some issues. The assembly of the bike (seat, front wheel, handlebars) was pretty easy, but the assembly of the box was anything but (we purchased the bolted box vs. pre-assembled one to save some money). The instructions were not super clear (the video does help somewhat) and the description of bolts and their location was actually wrong in the instructions (it seems that they switched to a different type of bolt for the box floor-to-side wall attachment but they did not update the instructions). It ended up being OK (i.e. all the bolts ended up in the right spot), but it was somewhat of a frustrating experience. To his credit, Steven gave me a call from the Netherlands as soon as he received my email in which I complained about the instructions.

    Bottom line: this is a quality bike delivered to your door by the company with great customer service. Get the assembly service if you’re not use to dealing with bikes/bike parts.

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