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Azor Ameland E-Bike – Ladies

6 customer reviews

The impeccable Ameland E-Bike – Ladies is the most stylish and high quality Dutch electric assist bicycle on the market.
When you’re sitting comfortably upright on your Wide Drifter saddle, being effortlessly swept along by the new Shimano Steps mid-drive motor, you’ll wonder why on earth you’ve waited so long to jump on an e-bike.

Main features:

  • Aluminum frame & Front rack
  • Lightest and most silent Shimano Steps mid-engine e-bike system (E5000)
  • Pedal assist up to 20 mph (US standard)
  • Comfortable, upright riding position
  • Double sprung Selle Royal Drifter seat
  • Wide tires that absorb many irregularities in the road or trail

New in 2024: This model is available with the very strong 5-speed gear hub.

If you’re looking for comfort, quality and style, the Ameland E-Bike – Ladies is the perfect Dutch e-bike for you!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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6 reviews for Azor Ameland E-Bike – Ladies

  1. Jeff Rother (verified owner)

    What can be said about the whole experience with Steven and Xander? I will admit that I was a constant nuisance to them throughout the research and purchasing process of my Dutchie. I asked so many questions about all the details of this bike, they were gracious and generous with their time and attention toward me, answering all my questions and concerns.

    Now to quality. The manufacturing technique and quality of materials is beyond compare. The frames are powder coated, not just painted. Everything not coated is stainless steel. These machines are seriously built to last a lifetime. It made me ashamed of my countrymen that we do not build bikes like this here in the United States. You will be served well with either the Shimano or Enviolo drivetrain, but the stepless shifting is delightful on an e-bike.

    Lastly, the riding experience is fantastic. The 28″ tires provide a smooth and stable ride, even though they do take a bit of adjustment to their size and ride style. The double-sprung saddle is a dream to sit in for hours at a time. The front and rear racks carry an unbelievable amount of things. I have transported over $100 of groceries, including 2 gallons of milk on the front rack without any issue. This bike is absolutely a car replacement for those who want it to be.

    My only subtle gripe is not with the bike as such but with Shimano. I would like an indicator on the handlebar control panel that tells me whether my lights are on or off. It would also be nice if I could turn the system on from the control panel and not just the battery. But, again, this is not a problem with the bike but an idiosyncrasy of the Shimano system.

    I look forward to many years with this bike.

  2. Henk Vandenbergh (verified owner)

    This old Dutchman in Colorado just could not find an e-bike to my liking and with my required comfort level here in the U.S. The idea of having my brothers in Holland buy an e-bike and ship it here led to an internet search “what is involved in ordering, transport, customs and other paperwork”. Out came American Bicycle Company, they do it all!

    Steven from American Bicycle Company responded immediately to my initial email inquiries, and even stopped me from ordering a frame that would have been too big for me. Placed an order and my e-bike arrived at exactly the promised date, all packed up and shipped from Holland to Colorado.
    Problem though: I could not get my gear selection to switch from ‘auto’ to ‘manual’, a requirement here in the Rocky Mountains. Sent an email to Steven, and while hoping to get a response soon within our normal 8-hour time difference he called me on my phone one minute later. I was shocked and happily surprised. We had things working five minutes later.

    I love my e-bike, it lets me get to places where my old bones no longer can carry me. Camera and lenses in my backpack, and I am off on my favorite birding trails.
    Thank you Steven and thank you American Bicycle Company, it has been a pleasure working with you.

  3. Y. Fang

    I had been toying with the idea of owning a bike in New York but having tested my commute a few times on citybike, I was not convinced that I should bother to have a bike around. That was until Covid hit and I was somewhat forced to rethink my mode of transportation.

    It was important to me that biking did not interfere with my professional wardrobe of skirts and heels. So a classical Dutch omafiets was an obvious choice. Soon I discovered that Azor is unique in making e-bikes in the retro omafiets look that I liked, which is how I arrived at this company.

    I am a seasoned rider but completely ignorant about the technicalities of the bike. Steven had been extremely helpful in fine-tuning the details of the bike to my satisfaction. He is direct about addressing any doubts and makes sure that all the details are thought-through. Therefore, I recommend that anyone interested in the bikes should get in touch for personalized advice before placing an order. I found it reassuring to know that my bike dealer was available to guide my choices, and cared about my user experience. My bike was assembled via Velotooler and Steven even advised on details which the mechanic had missed.

    A few more words on the bike itself: it looks big and weighs a lot. But that is perhaps why it rides extremely smoothly and effortlessly in NYC and feels indestructible. The e-bike function makes the world flat and is an absolute must: i ride 40 minutes uptown to work with no sweat and no huffing puffing. Now biking has become my favorite mode of transportation in the city. I even carry my child around in the front seat.

    All in all, I highly recommend this model of Azor for urban commute, and I recommend buying here for Steven’s superb, attentive service and aftercare.

  4. Beata Carson (verified owner)

    It is natural to be skeptical about buying anything on the internet even more so buying internationally.
    By God’s grace I stumbled on Amsterdam Bicycle Company.
    When I read the details on their website I really felt that they being honest and specific about their product. I took a leap of faith and I decide to purchase Azor Ameland E-Bike.
    I can say that I regret only a few things in my life and making business with Amsterdam Bicycle Company was definitely NOT something I regret. I was loaded with amazing information and help from Steven. Also amazed with the level of commitment, prompt response, and friendliness.

    My bicycle is beautiful and worth every bit I spent on it. I love how vibrant and deep the color is, I love how it rides.
    This is really an eye-catching bicycle, truly eye candy.

    Steven, thank you very much for all your help!

  5. Household de Villiers (verified owner)

    I have dealt with the Amsterdam Bicycle Company on a prior occasion, and received such brilliant service that I was definitely going to use them when we were looking for an upright ‘oma’ bike for my wife. Decided on the Azor Ameland with e-assist. The ordering process was really easy, with Steven promptly clearing up all the questions I had. As these bikes require a substantial capital inlay, you really want to feel comfortable that you ordered the right bike and parts!

    Steven was spot-on with the time-frame – from the final day of ordering, through the manufacturing, and up to the shipping (the bike and battery gets shipped separately, at least to the US) – and kept us updated all the way, which was great. Once delivered we had a local bike mechanic (thanks Brian from velofix Portland) put it together (not that there’s that much to do as it’s mostly pre-assembled, but for, you know, peace of mind), we charged the battery overnight and had a great exploratory ride the next day. The wife loves it (we got the denim blue, which is really very nice indeed), and after having by now made the required adjustments to the saddle and handlebar height/distance ratios to suit her frame, it’s been a blast. We also got the child’s seat, but waiting for our little one to get a bit more stable before using that. We’ve sneaked in some rides in the cold wet Portland winter weather, and am looking forward to plenty of regular family rides in the summer (as well as daily commuting to work).

    Once again I’ve had great service from Steven at Amsterdam Bicycle, and would advice anyone in the US interested in ‘European’-styled bikes to check them out.

  6. Felicia Kazer (verified owner)

    I ordered my bike from Boston and was very nervous being so far away and all. I emailed with Steven at Amsterdam Bicycle Company quite a bit throughout my ordering process. He was so helpful each step of the way!

    My bike arrived in perfect condition and it is gorgeous. What a dreamy bike and my four-year-old is loving the child’s seat where he gets to sit in front of me and hold onto the handle bars. I chose the “denim blue matte” color and it is beautiful. The electric assist makes this pretty bike a breeze to ride even with my big kiddo along for the ride too 🙂

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Brand Azor
Model Ameland E-Bike – Ladies
Drivetrain system Shimano Steps E5000
Battery 418 Wh
Range 46 – 75 miles
Frame Aluminum
Fork Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Brakes Upgraded Shimano Roller Brakes (BR-C6000)
Seat Selle Royal Drifter – Brown or black
Seat post Aluminum
Handlebars Stainless steel
Grips Standard Ergo Grips – Brown or black
Bell Big DingDong
Stem Stainless steel with aluminum head
Rims Aluminum Andra – 28″
Spokes Stainless steel
Tires Schwalbe Big Ben – 28 x 2.0 (622 x 50)
Fenders Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Rear rack Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Front rack Aluminum
Stand Aluminum kickstand
Lock AXA Solid Plus Frame Lock – ready for cable or chain
Crank set Aluminum
Pedals Aluminum housing
Chain guard Fully enclosed
Head light Power LED 40 Lux – Powered by main battery
Rear light LED light – Powered by main battery

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