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E-Cargo Classic Long

8 customer reviews

This classic full-size electric cargo bike is a spacious and reliable workhorse for anyone who wants to bring (a lot) more than a bag, but still wants an effortless ride.

Main features:

  • Full-size cargo box, standard with one bench and two double seat belts
  • Classic looks: Black saddle and grips, black Schwalbe Pick-Up tires, stainless steel fenders and a rear rack
  • Latest model Shimano Steps electric assist system (E6100)
  • Pedal assist up to 20 mph (US standard)
  • Long range of 35 - 75 mi. (increase range by 20%: battery upgrade)
  • Low maintenance internal gear hub
  • Overall length: 8'4", width: 2'1"
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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8 reviews for E-Cargo Classic Long

  1. Steven – Amsterdam Bicycle Company

    Thank you for your great review Deborah, I appreciate it very much!

    Regarding the minimum age for carrying children in the cargo box, did you look at our Toddler Seat?

  2. Deborah Goldeen

    This is the best money I ever spent. Owning the electric assist cargo bike has transformed my life. I have replace nine out of ten trips I would have had to do in the car in the past, both because of the front bucket (for cargo), but also because the electric assist allows me to negotiate car traffic and messy intersections with unparalleled ease; my range has been tripled and headwinds and hot weather don’t deter me. Everybody should be using these. It would transform our world.

    One note: the set up for children is, in my American opinion, good for kids 3 and up. Younger than that there need to be some adjustments that I have yet to figure out.

  3. Matthew Mulvey (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic bike and it is a fixture in our family as well as our neighborhood.

    I bought it over two years ago and my two kids love it. We use it for everything we can: going to the grocery store and coming back with a bike full of kids and groceries, going to get fancy coffee and breakfast for their Mom on weekend mornings or getting take out for dinner, doing playground crawls through our neighborhood, taking sports equipment to the local park, and going to and from pre-school.

    Not only do the kids love riding in the bike; they like how people see us riding by and ask us to stop and talk to them about the bike. My 5 year old loves showing people how to pedal the bike and buckle his little brother into the seat.

    Unlike Amsterdam, where we live is hilly, so the electric assist has been instrumental to getting the most use out of the cargo bike. Pedaling 130lbs of kids and groceries up a hill each week is not something I can do without help – the electric assist makes it as easy as riding on a flat road with hardly any load in the bike.

    Steven from Amsterdam Bicycle Company was really great answering all of my questions and he took care of all the shipping. I just had to wait for the shipment to arrive and be around for the mechanic to assemble the bike. Steven even helped with finding a bike mechanic who would come to my house to assemble the bike.

    Finally, this cargo bike was such a hit that my wife decided to buy an Azor Amsterdam-Ladies bike through Steven because these bikes are just so good and Steven makes purchasing a Dutch bike and getting it to the US about as easy as buying something from Amazon.

  4. Casper Felix (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the coolest bike we have ever owned. I could not be happier with our purchase. We ordered two bikes from Amsterdam Bicycle Company. This e-cargo bike and then a regular e-bike for me. The cargo bike is for my spouse to cart around the kids and do grocery runs while I follow on my bike.

    There was so many options to choose from that I was a little overwhelmed. I emailed Steven a few questions and he almost immediately called me back. We spent an hour on the phone going over all the different options. We live in San Diego and so we have some very hilly terrain. Steve recommended the disk brakes and a few other options to make sure this was exactly the bike we wanted. In short, it is the best bike we’ve ever owned.

    Shipping was remarkably fast. We received the FedEx notifications that the bike was being shipped and within a week they were both at our door step. The bikes come pretty close to completely assembled. I’ve biked for many years so I felt confident enough to do the final assembly myself. The cargo bike took me about 2 hours to finish. If you are not comfortable working on bikes I’d recommend getting a bike mechanic to take care of it for you in. In any case you will be up and running very quickly.
    It’s a little scary ordering a bike from oversees sight unseen. I’ve owned numerous quality bikes over the years from companies like Trek and Specialized. I can confidently say these dutch bikes are incredibly well built. In fact, they are built like tanks, absolutely solid. They are also absolutely gorgeous. I’m usually following the cargo bike on our rides and practically everyone we pass says something neat about the cargo bike as we go by. I’ve had people pull their cars over and come over and ask us about it.

    The best part is the electric assist. Like I said, this bike is solid. However, the electric assist makes riding this thing an absolute breeze. There’s a very steep bike path near our house. It’s almost 2 miles long. On our ride yesterday we were headed up it when we encountered a pack of bike riders on their fancy racing bikes wearing their spandex. You should have seen their faces when we rocketed past them with a child sitting in the cargo bucket. But don’t worry, if you want to still get a workout you just need to lower the assist setting and you can workout has hard as you want. But knowing that you can just turn the setting back to high and easily pedal home is really reassuring.

    Ultimately, this was a fantastic investment. We enjoy riding and spending the time outdoors. Steven is fantastic and I recommend him so highly. These bikes are incredible!

  5. Tyler Swanson

    We live in Houston, TX and we purchased our cargo bike earlier this year to replace a car. Almost immediately after placing our order online we received a call from Steven in the Netherlands. Steven wanted to make sure our order was the best fit for us regardless of whether he was steering us toward a potentially less expensive option. This is true customer service. By the end of the call, Steven had reached out to a previous customer in our area to set up a test ride.

    Following the test ride, Steven worked with us to finalize the details of our order. The process was smooth and communication was always clear. Steven was available for questions as we prepared to receive the bike. When the bike arrived, the mechanic service that had been arranged to assemble the bike wasn’t available until a distant date. I put the bike together myself and Steven called and walked me through the one part I couldn’t figure out.

    Finally, the bike. The bike is perfect for us. It’s a reliable machine and we’ve now used it in rain and sun and on bumpy Houston roads. I know this is a vehicle that will be with us for a long time and we delight in the details of its design. Our kids love to ride to school in the bike (especially under the rain cover when it rains!), and I’ve enjoyed spending more time in greater connection with them and outdoors. Riding in the bike together is not like riding in a car- we can see each other more easily and we’re closer. We’ve also taken the bike out on longer weekend rides and we can pack a picnic under the seat. Our cargo bike has transformed our daily routine, and I only wish we had bought this bike sooner!

  6. Sarah Haring (verified owner)

    I live in southwest Virginia and bought this bike online through Steven. I got in touch with him at the beginning of August, emailing his website after months of my husband and I considering different types of cargo bikes. We were in constant communication for more than two months to make sure the bike would be the best one for me and my family.

    Steven put me in touch with another owner, so I was able to drive out to test ride the bike. He made multiple suggestions and worked with so much empathy to keep my ideal bike within our price range. We adjusted what additional things I would buy for the bike, and opted for my bike shop to put it together, to save money. I changed a few things to the order even after I paid, and Steven easily added those on.

    The bike was shipped exactly when Steven said it would be, and he kept me abreast of all shipping updates. Once it arrived, he was immediately available to help with my many questions. One piece needed to be replaced, and he graciously covered the bike shop fee and promptly and completely answered my questions and sent me instructional information.

    I felt respected, and know that this bike is a well-made and conscientiously-sold transportation option for me and my family. It was worth the price.

  7. Brad Snead (verified owner)

    My wife and I live in Houston, Texas and recently purchased an electric classic cargo bike long through Steven and Amsterdam Bicycle Company. It is difficult in Houston to find and test ride cargo bikes, much less to know whether a certain brand is high quality. I contacted Steven out of the blue after being tipped off to his website. He was very responsive and coordinated a meet up with someone in our area to test ride the bike. That made a world of difference, especially for my wife who is a little less comfortable riding a bike and is only 5, 2″ (so size was an issue). We were immediately sold after test riding the bike and reached out to Steven to start the process.

    Over the course of the next few weeks, Steven walked us through the process and answered about 100 emails (not an exaggeration), ranging from practical questions about what we should or should not include, discussing customization options (like where to place the battery), and sending pictures of different color options. He was patient and very accommodating.

    We ultimately decided to purchase a custom color (RAL 3005). We could not decide on one of the five standard color options, and decided to have it custom painted maroon to match our university color (Texas A&M University). He warned me that it would take an extra 6-8 weeks for the custom color, but it only took 11 days before the bike was shipped.

    He coordinated with a local bike mechanic to put it together upon arrival. That process took a little longer than anticipated (about 3 hours), but overall was pretty seamless. I think better instructions for the accessories would be helpful for the bike mechanic. I also gave the mechanic a substantial tip to compensate him for the additional time.

    The bike is a joy to ride and is beautiful. You can tell immediately that it is high quality and well put together. We purchased the additional toddler seat for our then 9-month old baby, and he loves riding in it. We opted for the 8 speed automatic motor (and attached the battery to the back of the box so we could have the rear rack painted in the same custom color). I don’t always use the electric assist here in relatively flat Houston, but it is great to have on the occasional small hill and when it is hot, especially for my wife.

    I can’t say enough about the bike, Steven, and Amsterdam Bicycle Company. It’s a beautiful, well-built, and extremely fun bike. It’s also an attention-getter. If you’re in the US, be prepared for people to frequently stop you to ask about it!

  8. Mike Harmon (verified owner)

    If you are a family looking for a dependable and stylish cargo bike for doing daily errands, school runs, commuting, etc. this is the bike for you! We tested several other competing e-assist cargo bicycles but were not happy with our options. We were of course so happy to have stumbled upon the Amsterdam Bicycle Company.
    It is very hard to find city bicycles of this quality and comfort in the USA and so to find such a wide selection of cargo, e-assist and standard city bikes delivered to and assembled at your home for a reasonable price was almost too good to be true! Steven was extra helpful in answering questions, helping us choose the right specs and accessories for our needs and even offered us a nice saddle upgrade.
    The folks at Velotooler were very helpful and their app provided an easy and flexible way to schedule a mechanic. To give you an idea, the bicycle was delivered on the Wednesday before the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but we were able to coordinate with a mechanic and have the bike ready to roll for going back to school and work on the Monday following the holiday weekend.
    The Shimano Steps e-assist works very well with this bicycle and integrates nicely into the frame. On Stevens suggestion, we opted for the box mounted battery which provides for an even smaller profile for the e-assist, leaving the bikes classic lines and style intact. Overall we couldn’t be happier with our decision to buy this bike from Amsterdam Bicycle Company and will recommend them to anyone in the market for a cargo/city bike.

  9. Rebekah Rexius (verified owner)

    We LOVE this bike! I have put about 1200miles on it now, through two seasons & two States, and think I can finally confidently attest to how we feel about it.

    We chose a cargo bike because we have 3 kids (2,5,& 7yo) & been car free for 13 years now and they dont all fit in a bike trailer anymore. We figure at some point we may have to purchase a car again, but we just aren’t comfortable with the idea yet and compromising on that value my husband and I share. This bike has extended our ability to be quickly mobile as we do not have to wait on transit schedules and also not feel weighed down by the expense and responsibility of a car.

    I was super pleased with how accommodating Steven was in getting me the yepp-ready rack and mounting the battery in a different spot than they normally do for me. They were so flexible with my ideas about what I wanted for our family bike, and really made me feel like this bike was custom assembled just for us. He was great about making sure everything was perfect even after we got the bike and then even through a family Ragbrai trip, asking about how it was holding up for us. Their customer service was amazing and far FAR better than the local shop that mostly ignored me (& then lost my contact info more than once) when I came in hoping to test ride a different brand and ask my thousands of questions about this fairly large purchase.

    Our initial reaction to riding was feeling a little nervous about the handling. We got used to it pretty quickly though! We figured out the steering within the first couple rides, however it took me a bit more to know when felt right to switch from one assist mode to another and in what gear so I didn’t end up having to walk the thing up steep hills. The kids are THRILLED about the bike and super excited to go riding in it. Even 6 months later, they are still really excited about it. If I stop to talk with someone and have it parked with them out of the box, my older kids love to stand on the pedals and pretend they are driving it. Evidence it is a joy to ride for them too, I believe.

    At first I was nervous about the pedal assist, so I tried to use it without it, but with the bike being basically 100lbs, and then 120+lbs of kids and any groceries or anything we brought with, it is not easy to move! The pedal assist in eco is perfect for going around town in flatter parts of the neighborhood. It gives a nice boost when taking off from stoplights as well.

    I added a child seat (yepp) for the 2yo on the back for if we are loading it full of multiple bags of groceries or to space the kids out on longer rides when they are having difficulty getting along. So far we’ve only had to do that a couple times!

    I did ragbrai before I had kids and figured this year with the new cargo bike and the kids at a really good age for remembering the experience but not being too big for the bike yet, it was a great year to do that tour again! We trained 600 miles before we left & while there’s some decent hills around St Paul to get down to the river and then back up into town, and some nice rolling hills in the south suburbs, for the most part it’s flat compared to Iowa. The ride this year was about 500 miles. I made the mistake thinking that I could wait to do a tune up until after we got back since I’d only had the bike a few months. At almost exactly 800miles I started having trouble with the back spokes going out of true. I think that perhaps the weight I was carrying in the panniers and the food I had stashed in a bag in the child seat might have just been too much for the long trip.
    Unfortunately with Ragbrai, the little tent shops were not able to help a cargo bike with the issue, in part because the spokes are so much thicker and apparently need a non-standard spoke wrench. Thankfully we were heading into Ames, IA that night which was a big enough town to have a real bike shop and it was an inexpensive fix. The mechanic at the shop in Ames asked if the initial mechanic from Velotooler tightened any of the spokes when it arrived from Amsterdam as usually they do that when a bike initially arrives new in their shop, and he had not, so I am not sure if this is something to warn future Velotooler mechanics about and was an oversight on his part or not. By the last day, I needed to have the spokes trued again. I was able to make it home and have them adjusted here again, but I have found not a lot of ppl really know how to service an eBike or a cargo bike here yet, so it has helped that there’s at least one place here that sells similar bikes, albeit a different brand.

    Speaking of that different brand, we chose Amsterdam Bicycle Company because we really liked all the different options and upgrades available. Plus their customer service was outstanding! I appreciated that there were multiple choices in the gears, so that was really nice to pick from rather than just getting whatever was stock. I also added a second bench, and upgraded the battery because I knew I wanted to do Ragbrai. In retrospect, I think it would have been better to go with two batteries rather than the one with 20% more. I ended up stopping once or twice each day for an hour+ to recharge the battery. It worked out because it’s good to take some longer stops when traveling with kids, but it also would have been nice to not worry as much about the battery life and wonder where we would charge it. Our first day of ragbrai was 48miles in eco mode and I was down to 3% & didn’t want to push it like that again. We would do 50 miles of a fairly flat route in the cities in eco mode and only used 75% of the battery, and also did 42 miles in eco with a few hills and used the same percentage. So battery life really depends on how hard you’re working because of climbs and then also on which mode you are using. Now that I am not training for ragbrai, I switch to normal mode about halfway up a hill and it really does help so that I am not straining much. The experience is more like my regular bike 14lb bike, rather than the 250lbs of fully loaded cargo bike. There isn’t much need to break out a sweat if you don’t want to when biking around MN, at least for short trips.

    All in all, I highly recommend Amsterdam Bicycle Company and this cargo bike. We are thrilled with ours, even 1200 miles later! I love that we are able to get around town for school pickup, swimming lessons, playdates, grocery shopping, and also do long road trips -be it a 50 mile day or a week long tour- while biking and together as a family. I hope my children cherish the memories we’ve made this summer and they are learning how wonderful it is to see the world and meet new ppl when traveling by bike. Time will tell of course, but I have high hopes that this bike will continue to be a blessing to us year round, even in our wild MN winters! So far, so good!

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Model E-Cargo Classic Long
Electric system Shimano Steps E6100 – 250W – max. 60Nm
Display Center display on handlebars – removable (SC-E6100)
Battery 418 Wh (optional 504Wh)
Range 45 – 75 miles
Frame Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Fork Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Fenders Stainless steel
Front wheel 20″
Rear wheel 26″
Tires Schwalbe Pick-Up – 55mm wide
Rims Aluminum Andra
Spokes Stainless steel
Seat Selle Royal Dutch Classic
Seatpost Aluminum
Handlebars Stainless steel (model ‘Butterfly’)
Grips Ergonomic Black
Stem Stainless steel – Height adjustable
Pedals Aluminum housing
Stand 4-point kickstand
Rear rack Steel rack with rubber straps
Head light Power LED 50 Lux Auto (on main battery)
Rear light LED light in rear rack (on main battery)
Chain guard Fully enclosed
Bell Dutch ‘Tring’ bell
Lock AXA Solid Plus frame lock – suitable for plug-in chain
Length overall 8’4″
Width overall 2’1″
Weight capacity (incl rider) Roller brakes: 400 lbs, Rim & Disc brakes: 440lbs

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