Azor Ameland E-Bike (Shimano Steps) – Ladies

The impeccable Ladies Ameland E-Bike is the most stylish electrically assisted bike on the market.

When you’re sitting comfortably on your Brooks leather saddle, being effortlessly swept along by the innovative Shimano motor, you’ll wonder why on earth you’ve waited so long to jump on board with an e-bike. Front and back carriers allow you to carry a bag, laptop, or both with ease, and the Brooks leather grips provide an added touch of luxury to your daily commute.

Like all of our bikes it’s hand made with exceptional materials, delivering the durability, strength and reliability that only the best Dutch bikes are known for, throughout the cycling world.

If you’re looking for style, comfort and ease (with a little bit of luxury!) then the Ameland is the bike for you.

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Azor Ameland Dutch e-bike powered by Shimano Steps – ladies

This is your premium Dutch e-bike with mid-drive motor that you can rely upon! A comfortable and luxurious bicycle featuring a Brooks leather saddle, Shimano roller brakes for more stopping power with less maintenance. The lightweight aluminum frame will not rust and ensures a stable, relaxed ride. The reliable, performance-oriented and low maintenance Shimano Steps mid-drive electric motor will take you further with more ease and you will get there faster and cleaner for less. The mid-drive engine feels like you always have a strong wind at your back. To make your ride even more relaxed, the wide, puncture resistant balloon tires will spread the load and offer better grip in the wet as well as improved comfort.

Every day use

It’s luxurious, comfortable and modern, but timeless. This bike is built for comfort and durability and strength by using exceptional quality materials. The Ameland offers a comfortable upright riding position. You can wear anything you like. There is no need for special gear. It’s perfectly suited for modern commuting and everyday metro area use. With both front and back cargo racks, you don’t need a backpack. Add a child’s seat and its ready for getting the kids to daycare or school.

There’s been a revolution in the number of people cycling to work in the US over the past decade. On this premium Dutch e-bike, that’s a commute you will look forward to! Even if you are in the hills. The vast majority of the U.S. has a commute of fewer than 11 miles. The benefits of riding your e-bike to work rather than driving or using public transport are numerous. Riding your e-bike is most certainly more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective and you will get to your destination healthier and more quickly. No need to waste your time and money looking, and paying, for a parking spot.


ModelAmeland Steps
Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Brooks Aged Leather Brown
HandlebarsStainless steel
BellBig DingDong
Schwalbe Big Apple – puncture resistant
RimsAluminum Andra
SpokesStainless steel
Rear carrierAluminum
Front carrierAluminum
AXA Solid Plus Frame Lock – ready for cable or chain
Aluminum housing
Stainless steel with aluminum head
Seat postAluminum
Power LED 35 Lux auto (front) Battery light (rear)
Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
MotorShimano Steps electric mid-drive motor
Battery418 Wh Li-Ion
Range45 – 75 miles
Chain guardFully enclosed


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