The current production time of bicycles and cargo bikes is between six and eight weeks.
Luckily our bikes are definitely worth the wait considering the many, many years you will enjoy them!

Cargo Trike Classic – Wide

Wanna live a hip and healthy lifestyle, and have more fun with your kids / dog / picnic basket outside?
This full-size cargo trike is just the thing for you! The Classic Trike – Wide offers a spacious, full-size cargo box and has a classic, sturdy look.

Main features:

  • Full size cargo box, with room for four kids (two removable benches, four double seat belts)
  • Classic looks: Black saddle, grips and tires, stainless steel fenders and a rear rack painted with the frame.
  • Dynamo hub powering front and rear lights
  • Low maintenance internal gear hub
  • Overall length: 6′ 11″, width: 3′ 1″
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