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It is expected that currently placed orders will be not be ready before they close, so the production time will be three weeks longer.

Cargo Classic Long

4 customer reviews
Wanna live a hip and healthy lifestyle, and have more fun with your kids / dog / picnic basket outside?
This classic long cargo bike is just the thing for you! The Classic Long offers a spacious, full-size cargo box and has a descent, original look.

Main features:

  • Full-size cargo box, standard with one bench and two double seat belts
  • Classic looks: Black saddle and grips, black Schwalbe Pick-Up tires, a rear rack and stainless steel fenders
  • Stable four-point stand to safely let your children get in or out
  • Reliable internal gear hub
  • Upgraded Shimano roller brakes
  • Overall length: 8'4", width: 2'1"

The second picture is showing the optional black cargo box.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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4 reviews for Cargo Classic Long

  1. James

    Steven called me up after I submitted my online order. We chatted about the bike and my needs and following Steven’s recommendation, I actually went with a bit less expensive bicycle (a cargo bike, rather than the cargo trike) than I originally ordered and he refunded the difference. His care and concern in helping me get the right bike showed by that he is a real professional, and not a salesman. (Also, from talking with other people who have cargo trikes since getting mine, it does seem the bike is better than the trike in many respects because of better cornering and stability while moving.)

    The bike arrived on time and in good order. The bike is really beautiful and I get lots of compliments from friends and passersby. The knowledgeable person I hired to assemble it really complimented its workmanship, from its fine balance to quality materials and construction.

    As I am new to bike riding (not done since childhood), there were a few surprises/differences from what I might have expected. First, the bike is really heavy to me. Second, I bought the bike without electric assist because I live in a perfectly flat beach town. Giving how heavy it is, and with my ample weight atop, and my son in the basket, I think I would have gotten electric assist if I were doing it over.

    I am still getting used to the bike, but it is beautiful, well-made, and my four-year-old son loves it. Thanks Steven!

  2. Ryan (verified owner)

    Steven provided a great service from start to finish. He asked the right questions to make sure we were making the right choices and his communication was clear and prompt. My (Dutch) wife loves having an original bakfiets in the USA and it will serve us well for many years to come.

  3. Walter & Linda Abercrombie (verified owner)

    We purchased the Bakfiets bicycle, after a wonderful bicycle vacation in Holland and other parts in Northern Europe this summer. We absolutely loved seeing the Dutch out on the bicycles, whether for work, school, shopping, or fun. Especially liked the style of most of these bicycles with their relaxed, upright position and utilitarian function. We saw so many uses of this popular bakfiets, whether for shopping taking kids, dogs, large musical instruments.. The uses were endless. We decided that we would take a bit of Holland back with us to the US in the form of these wonderful Dutch bicycles. The Amsterdam model for my wife and the Bakfiets for me..

    We had the opportunity to meet Steven from the Amsterdam Bicycle company in Holland while we were still there to help us with our choices. It would have gone fine via email, but we decided to take this opportunity since we were there. He went out of his way to meet us along our bicycle route and we chatted for a while on what would suit us in terms of bicycles and options. I was a bit concerned at first doing this order, mainly given the logistics of getting the bicycle from Holland to our doorstep in North Carolina. Steven and the Amsterdam Bicycle Company took care of all of those details and both bicycles arrived in good order via FedEx. Some assembly was required but that was very simple and took less that 45 minutes. The bicycles worked flawlessly from there. The quality of build of these sturdy Dutch bikes is amazing! They are built to be exposed to the elements full-time. Warning, they are not light.. But you quickly forget about that once you start riding them. They are built to last a long time.

    I absolutely love my bakfiets! I have taken it on a couple trips already for shopping, and taking our recycle stuff to the neighborhood bin. I found it very easy to maneuver around. I get lots of second looks by many who have never seen something like this. Be ready to answer lots of questions if you do get one. There are many versions of cargo bikes out there, but this is the original! It will be a classic for a long time to come..

    Now every time we ride our Dutch bikes, we think back to the wonderful time we had on our last trip, and forget the troubles in the world… Get one, you won’t regret it!

    Thanks Steven and Amsterdam Bicycle Company for a great product and buying experience!

  4. Erik (verified owner)

    The Cargo Classic Long is the perfect bike for my family. My 1.5 year old son loves it and fits perfectly on the bench along with a ton of storage in front for anything we want to take to the park. The bike is solid and was simple to put together. It’s easy to maneuver and a pleasure to ride!

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