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Cargo Classic Long with Bolted Box

2 customer reviews
Wanna live a hip and healthy lifestyle, and have more fun with your kids / dog / picnic basket outside?
This classic long cargo bike is just the thing for you! The Classic Long with Bolted Box offers a spacious, full-size cargo box and has a original and rugged look.

Main features:

  • Full-size, bolted cargo box, standard with one bench and two double seat belts
  • Classic & Rugged looks: Black saddle and grips, Bolted Box, black Schwalbe Pick-Up tires, and stainless steel fenders
  • Stable four-point stand to safely let your children get in or out
  • Reliable internal gear hub
  • Upgraded Shimano roller brakes
  • Overall length: 8'4", width: 2'1"

The Bolted Box:

The Classic Long with Bolted Box is exactly the same as the standard Classic Long, except for the box. The Bolted Box is made of the same material of the regular box, but it’s dark/black and shipped unassembled, so it fits in the box with the bike. This way we save a considerable part of the shipping costs, making it possible to offer the cargo bike a fair bit cheaper.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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2 reviews for Cargo Classic Long with Bolted Box

  1. Bryan (verified owner)

    This bike is phenomenal.
    I have two kids and they both love riding around the city in the cargo basket. They love being up high and in the front instead of behind in a trailer, and I love that I can interact with them and talk while we are riding around. The position is comfortable and all the parts are high quality.

    I’ve owned my bike for over a year and in that time taken it on a 60 mile camping trip with kids and gear, but mostly just use it for daily trips and errands with the kids. I have had no mechanical issues in that time which is a benefit of the encased drive train and internal hub.

    The bike is best for trips in the city like grabbing groceries or commuting to daycare then work. Almost any hill requires shifting into first gear, so if you live in a hilly area definitely consider the electric assist model. Where I live in Michigan is generally pretty flat so getting around on the non-electric model is pretty easy.

    I highly recommend the rain cover accessory, which keeps the kids dry in wet weather and even fairly sheltered in the winter.

  2. Dustin RT Sullivan

    I just purchased this bike here in North Carolina, USA, and I simply could not be happier. The shifting is extremely smooth, it is easy to handle (even with two little boys in the front), the saddle is comfortable, and it certainly catches the eyes of many!

    I am so happy with the purchase and only wish I would have committed to buying this several years earlier. It is certainly an eye catcher and worth the wait! Thank you!

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