Due to high demand and supply chain issues, the current production time of bicycles is longer than usual: 9 to 11 weeks.
In addition, the manufacturer will close for their three-week winter break on December 23rd.
Luckily our bikes are definitely worth the wait considering the many, many years you will enjoy them!

And if you really can't wait you can off course order one of our Stock Bicycles.

Design your own bicycle!

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Everybody wants to have their personal, unique bicycle. Now that is possible!

Just go to the ‘Azor Bicycle Configurator’, design your bike, and share it with us.
How to share it with us:

  1. When you’re ready configuring your bike, click ‘Klaar‘ in the configurator
  2. If you don’t have an account yet, click ‘Aanmelden‘, otherwise click ‘Inloggen
  3. After you log in, click ‘Bestellen
  4. Select ‘Amsterdam Bicycle Company’ in Delaware, USA
  5. Click ‘Deel met dealer
  6. If you want, add a message under ‘Opmerking
  7. Click ‘Verstuur aanvraag‘ to send your configuration to us!

After we receive your design we will:

  • Review your configuration
  • Give recommendations based on our experience
  • Calculate the price in US Dollars (including duties and taxes)
  • After possible changes we will send you a personal link to order your custom bike!
Go to the Bicycle Configurator


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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1 review for Design your own bicycle!

  1. David Wahler

    The whole process was seamless and amazing. Steven was so helpful from design to assistance after delivery. I’d been wanting this bike for 7 years, and a custom design delivered something far superior to anything I could have ever hoped to find in store when I was in the Netherlands.

    If you want a Dutch bike, look no further.
    The convenience and service of brokering a bike through Amsterdam Bicycle Company is far worth it.

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