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Azor Amsterdam – Ladies

18 customer reviews


The Azor Amsterdam – Ladies is our premium nostalgic Dutch women’s bicycle. If you are looking for the real classic Dutch ‘Oma fiets’, without compromising quality, this is the ultimate bicycle for you!
Her main features are:

  • Classic steel step-over ‘Oma’ frame – fully upright riding position
  • Sprung and gel-padded Selle Royal Ondina seat – absorbs many road irregularities
  • Double leg kickstand – park your bike upright
  • Fully enclosed chain guard and coat guards – classic Amsterdam looks and keep your clothes clean
  • Dynamo hub powering both front and rear lights – great visibility
  • 28″ Schwalbe Marathon tires – light running, strong and comfortable.

Feel like cruising the Amsterdam canals, a real eye-catcher!

The front rack in the pictures is optional.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

18 reviews for Azor Amsterdam – Ladies

  1. Wayne

    I ordered this bike with a dynamo hub and 8 gears with coaster brakes. I put it together myself and it was pretty easy to do with the tools provided in an attached tool kit. I didn’t trust any of the mechanics in my area to do it.
    Anyway, the lights are plenty bright, the racks are solid. Going up hill is difficult but I expected that lol. It’s a no fuss bike and the quality can be felt from front to back.

    Steven was great to work with and it was comforting to know I was buying a bike from a fellow tall guy (6 foot+). The bike fits great for my 38” inseam and I haven’t destroyed the bottom bracket after 20 miles like I usually do on cheap bikes. If you have trouble wiring the lights, either use a 9v battery to determine which wire is which, or spin the front wheel quickly and cause the wires to spark. It’s easy to figure out from there.

    The bike is a great conversation starter. I can’t go anywhere without someone flagging me down to ask where I got it and why lol.

  2. Jason

    I ordered this bike as I’m short for Dutch bikes, haha 5’6″, and this one fits perfect. I got mine with roller brakes and 7 speed. It is super fun to ride and looks amazing!

    When I took it to the bike shop to get it put together after shipping, they were very impressed with it. I have been waiting to get a Dutch bike for years and finally did, very glad I did too!

    The customer service was also excellent. They helped me with sizing issues and were very flexible with the delays I caused haha, missed there first email for a bit. I deff recommend them. Cheers!

  3. Eric

    Bought the Azor Ameland – Ladies bicycle for my wife and our anniversary. The Sunset Orange Gloss color is truly a beaut! The bike is well engineered, sturdy, comfortable, and stylish. Gear shifting and braking is smooth and comfortable with the 8-speed and roller brakes.

    Now I want one!

    We followed the sizing instructions and we ordered the 55cm frame size and it is perfect. Paid the extra money to have a technician assemble it, but ended up putting it together myself because it was already 90% assembled and my wife couldn’t wait to ride it. I just reviewed the manuals and videos.

    We live in the US, but feel the connection to the Netherlands and Europe when we ride it. Even purchased the Vintage Brushed Metal Transfers for a antique vibe and it looks great. Steven and the company are also wonderful: communicative and helpful. There was a minor crack in the back bike light from shipping and Steven sent a replacement promptly.

    No complaints and highly recommend!

  4. Nicole (verified owner)

    I have never graduated from coaster brakes on my bicycle. That was never an issue until my Dutch family and I moved to the States. When my old coaster brake bicycle started breaking down, finding a new one with multiple speeds seemed impossible. Then I came across the Amsterdam Bicycle Company and not only did they sell coaster brake bicycles, they also had one with 8 speeds and it was an “Omafiets”. The Azor Amsterdam – Ladies was just what I was looking for.

    Steven assisted with determining the right size and fit. It did take about two months from ordering to shipping but the bicycle is totally worth the wait and investment. Velotooler assembly was not available in my region but my husband was able to assemble the bicycle watching the provided video link and general bicycle knowledge.

    This bicycle is made using sturdy components and the design is well thought of. I am looking forward to riding my Dutch bicycle for many years to come!

  5. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving my Azor Amsterdam bike – it’s exactly what I was looking for, and the quality of the bike and the service experience are both top-notch.

    I find steel bikes to be much more comfortable than aluminum ones, but I was having a hard time finding a city bike in steel in the US. I was worried about ordering from overseas because of the cost, time and customs factors, but my worrying was absolutely for naught because the experience was excellent from start to finish. My bike was built, shipped and on my doorstep within 6 weeks, and this bike is worth every cent.
    The guys who finished putting it together were absolutely raving about what a cool bike it was and about the quality of the construction and components. I’ve been riding it for about a month now and am loving every second of it – the bike feels solid underneath me, the gears and brakes are smooth and reliable, and the integrated lock is a fabulous feature for when I just want to pop in and out of the store. I’m living part of my European dream right here in Denver 😀

    The long and short of it: The quality and craftsmanship of this bike are worth every cent, and if you’re worried about ordering from overseas – don’t be! Steven is a great communicator and you’ll never be left wondering what happened to your order. Hit that order button and you’ll be enjoying your fabulous Azor bike before you know it!!

  6. Alexis Lipson (verified owner)

    I could not be more thrilled with my choice to purchase the Azor Amsterdam. It is a beautiful bike, both aesthetically and functionally, and the quality just doesn’t exist anywhere else (especially in the States for this style of bike). I ride it with my 27 lbs toddler in a seat on the front, and it is so well balanced and easy to ride even with that extra weight. The design leads to excellent posture, and I will often ride for 1 hr or longer without discomfort.

    Steven was so helpful through the entire process, quickly answering my multitude of questions, and even coordinating small design details I preferred.

    This bike is worth every penny. My husband has had the same (male) model for over 12 years and it still looks and rides the same as my brand new bike. We love our Azor bikes, for a beautiful, functional, comfortable bike this just can’t be improved upon.

  7. Sacha (verified owner)

    Moving to the US I had to leave my Dutch bike in Europe, and since then I had done a good amount of research to try and find a suitable replacement, but lets be honest; No cruiser like bike in the US can even come close to what I had in mind, so I gave up and looked at websites online and found the Azor Amsterdam!
    B.E.Y.O.N.D Pleased.
    Reading the reviews had me sold and Steven definitely lived up to them. He’s very knowledgeable, consistent and genuinely strikes you as someone who cares. He answers all your questions and comes through with recommendation according to your size and location.

    The bike arrives very well packaged and I opted to have Velotooler assemble my bike and they even remarked at the good quality. Its rides smoothly, feels sturdy and durable and frankly it just looks gorgeous! I opted for a matte black with the metal transfers for a more traditional vintage look and I don’t regret a thing! I find myself smiling every time I ride it!

    Guys: its worth every penny because you are investing in a bike that will last you for years to come.

    Thank you everyone at Amsterdam Bicycle! I truly appreciate the amazing craftsmanship!

  8. Elisa (verified owner)

    The bike is beautifully made. The functional design and details are perfect. I absolutely love the upright position and the swept back handlebars. It makes riding effortless and comfortable.
    It is extremely sturdy and I can see it lasting a lifetime. I could not have wished for a better bike!

    Thank you to Steve, very, very much for all of your help and advice to my questions. You can tell he really cares about making sure you get the perfect bike that fits your needs, and he is not just mechanically shipping whatever orders are placed. I am so pleased with the bike, and I am looking forward to buying another one for my daughter when she’s older.

    Thank you Amsterdam Bicycle Company for such wonderful customer service and crafting these amazing bikes!

  9. Maureen (verified owner)

    Amsterdam Bicycle Company is great and the purchase process was simple. Steven was so easy to work with, he answered all my questions, offered advice on options (based on my location/size/how I would use the bike, etc.) and made sure things were done to my satisfaction. For example, I ordered the bike chain to go with the lock and the manufacturer could not include it at the time my bike shipped. Steven went out of his way to FedEx me the chain separately.

    I had waited/searched for years to get an authentic Dutch bike shipped to the US without costing an outrageous amount of money. The cost of the bike was still an investment for me but I could not be happier with my choice and it is worth every penny! The bike is beautiful, solid and fun to ride. As a tall woman it is so great to finally have a step through bike in a frame size that actually fits.

    I utilized the Velotooler service for final assembly (also worth it) and the mechanic made several remarks about the great quality of the bike, its parts and its looks.
    Don’t hesitate to buy a bike from Amsterdam Bicycle Company!

  10. Riitta

    For decades I have admired the beautiful bikes used in Holland. Finally, it was time to get one for myself. I really wanted an old-time bike built for me, with my own wishes.

    I could not have chosen a better company. All information was given by e-mail. Steven must be so kind and patience person. He friendly answered dozens of questions. A woman getting a bike … you can certainly imagine.
    Because of the crazy spring 2020, I couldn’t cycle my Azor Amsterdam Lady from Holland to Finland. According that first plan Steven even promised to take my Lady to my Dutch friend’s address. At the end bike was delivered safely and quickly to Helsinki.

    My Lady looks great in custom color. I love all the little details which make the Lady look amazing. The bike is firm, safe and rolls comfortably on the spring streets of Helsinki.

    The whole purchase experience was friendly, reliable and easy. I truly and fully recommend and thank The Amsterdam Bicycle Company!

  11. Paige (verified owner)

    Love the Azor Amsterdam – Ladies! I live on a barrier island off Long Island, NY and this is the perfect bike/engine for my needs. It is a strong work horse of a bike and the ride is unprecedented, as well as the visibility. I did a TON of research on Dutch bikes, even tested them in Amsterdam a few months prior, because it is a big financial investment and important to love and find total comfort in one’s ride. This bicycle is such a wonderful combination of strength, beauty and practicality! I can wear skirts, dresses and not worry about the chain. The fenders also work in inclement weather. Gear changing is easy.

    Steven helped me with my process, which took place over a few months, even recommending what to do when I visited his country as a tourist. It all unfolded easily, and he was reachable via WhatsApp any time. I asked a TON of questions. He answered them. I expressed my concerns and he calmed my quells. Overall, I could not have had a better bicycle purchase experience. This bicycle will be with me for decades!

    Thanks to Steven and the designers of this amazing rock of a bicycle! It’s really gorgeous and useful!

  12. Christine K (verified owner)

    I purchased this bike from Steven in October and it is wonderful. The entire purchase process was easy, Steven could not have been more helpful and answered the multitude of questions I had about the bike.

    The person who assembled it was kind as well as competent and I am happy to say that it is as beautiful to ride as it is to look at.

    Thank you Steven and Amsterdam Bicycles for all of your help and advice – I love this bike and would purchase from you again in a heartbeat!

  13. Matt Athanasiou

    Love the bike. The process for choosing one and getting it set up was seamless, and they were great about helping us find the perfect color.
    Would definitely get another bike from them.

  14. Walter & Linda Abercrombie (verified owner)

    We purchased the Azor Amsterdam bicycle, after a wonderful bicycle vacation in Holland and other parts in Northern Europe this summer. We absolutely loved seeing the Dutch out on the bicycles, whether for work, school, shopping, or fun. Especially liked the style of most of these bicycles with their relaxed, upright position and utilitarian function. We decided that we would take a bit of Holland back with us to the US in the form of these wonderful Dutch bicycles. The Amsterdam model for my wife and the Bakfiets for me..

    We had the opportunity to meet Steven from the Amsterdam Bicycle company in Holland while we were still there to help us with our choices. It would have gone fine via email, but we decided to take this opportunity since we were there. He went out of his way to meet us along our bicycle route and we chatted for a while on what would suit us in terms of bicycles and options. I was a bit concerned at first doing this order, mainly given the logistics of getting the bicycle from Holland to our doorstep in North Carolina. Steven and the Amsterdam Bicycle Company took care of all of those details and both bicycles arrived in good order via FedEx. Some assembly was required but that was very simple and took less that 45 minutes. The bicycles worked flawlessly from there. The quality of build of these sturdy Dutch bikes is amazing! They are built to be exposed to the elements full-time. Warning, they are not light.. But you quickly forget about that once you start riding them. They are built to last a long time.

    My wife absolutely loves her bike! We fitted a nice wicker basket on the front rack to further accent this very typical Dutch bicycle. Now every time we ride them, we think back to the wonderful time we had on our last trip, and forget the troubles in the world… Get one, you won’t regret it!

    Thanks Steven and Amsterdam Bicycle Company for a great product and buying experience!

  15. Noella (verified owner)

    I am a very happy customer. The service was outstanding. Steven kept me updated and helped me through the entire process, guiding me with the proper bike size and scheduling the mechanic for the final assembly. Even after the assembly, Steven contacted me to make sure that everything went well. I feel that I have been very well taken care of.

    As for my new Azor Amsterdam bike, I absolutely love it! It is beautiful and sturdy. I will enjoy it for many years to come. Even the mechanic, who came to assemble it, seemed impressed by the superior quality of my bike.
    I particularly like the way it is built: it allows me to sit upright rather than be hunched over the handlebar, which is better for my neck, shoulders, and back. I also appreciate the fact that my pants won’t get stained by bike grease, as the chain is enclosed. And of course, I love the sturdy front rack.

    Again, thank you very much Steven and Amsterdam Bicycle Company.

  16. Lisa

    Aside from being the most beautiful vehicle on the street, the Azor Amsterdam is an incredibly practical bicycle.
    The upright handlebars are perfect for carrying groceries over my shoulder while I ride, and they help me feel safe traveling through the neighborhood. The headlight works great and provides plenty of light for riding at night. The double kickstand is a great feature too because it keeps the bike upright when it’s parked.

    Though it’s a heavy bike, I haven’t had any trouble maneuvering it through the city. The only thing I can’t do is move it up and down stairs. Riding the bicycle through the city is incredibly smooth and enjoyable. I ride it multiple times a day and have not had any issues with it yet. I also purchased it with the Selle Royal Drifter seat which works wonderfully in the rain and never allows for my pants to get wet like other seats in the rain, which is a great bonus.

    I highly recommend this bike and working with Steven. We had some troubles with the front wheel when it first arrived, but Steven assisted with us in a timely manner and helped us to get a new wheel shipped to us.

  17. Michael Jacques (verified owner)

    The Azor Amsterdam Premium Nostalgia has an unmistakeable presence and personality. The lugged steel frame is stolid and proud with perfect lines and gives the air of a well established matriarch. The bike just seems to exude confidence, even at rest. The steel wheel build is gorgeous and the finish is flawless. I find myself asking permission before climbing on board. It’s that kind of bike.

    Most men prefer a Gents between their legs but I dig the Ladies. The simple step through offers a sense of decorum and a polite alternative to the unseemly custom of lifting one’s leg to mount one’s machine. This bike is dedicated through and through to comfort.

    The Dame Amsterdam is of course heavier than the average bike we get in the US but once up to speed it rolls along like a locomotive. The 7-speed Nexus makes getting up to cruising speed easy and relatively quick and the geometry is enormously comfortable. The Brooks saddle and grips are super comfortable as well as sharp-looking and the integrated lock secures everything quickly and easily. The design of this bike lacks for absolutely nothing. I’ve been delighted with every feature.

    The luxury appointments on top of the strength of the frame are what make this bicycle really shine. All of the minor quibbles and inconveniences of biking in all weather are addressed with style and grace. Dirty fingers? Ripped pants? Forgot your lock? No problem. Just get on and ride.

    Buying from the Amsterdam Bicycle Company was a delight as well. Steven reached out to me as soon as I ordered and started a conversation that ensured I got my ideal bike. I had actually just cancelled a bike order with a US company based on the West Coast due to subpar customer service. Buying a new bike is an exciting thing for me. I want the people I purchase from to understand that excitement. Steven got it perfectly. He was just as excited to sell a bike as I was to purchase. I never had to guess as to the status of my order and the manufacturing part was completed more quickly than expected. The international shipping went smoothly and before long I had the precious in my home. Assembling the bike was fast, intuitive and downright fun. There were no instructions included and none were needed. The bike practically assembled itself as I removed it from the box. I loved the bike at first ride but after almost a week I have become seriously enamored, smitten even, with this latest addition to my family.

  18. Caroline Blomberg (verified owner)

    Love my beautiful top notch bicycle! So nice to ride! So well built!? Great communication with Steven! Speedy Shipping to USA! Easy assembly! Thanks Amsterdam Bicycle Co and Steven!

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ModelAmsterdam – Ladies
FrameGalvanized steel with three layers powder coat
ForkGalvanized steel with three layers powder coat
SeatSelle Royal Ondina – Black
Seat postAluminum
HandlebarsStainless steel
GripsStandard – Black
BellBig DingDong
Stem (quill)Stainless steel with aluminum head
RimsStainless steel – 28″
SpokesStainless steel (extra thick in rear wheel)
TiresSchwalbe Marathon – 28 x 1.75 (622-47)
FendersGalvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Rear rackGalvanized steel – Extra strong (up to 110 lbs)
Front rackNone (optional)
StandDouble stand Jumbo
LockAXA Solid Plus Frame Lock – ready for cable or chain
Crank setAluminum
PedalsAluminum housing
Chain guardFully enclosed – Nostalgic
DynamoShimano Dynamo Hub
HeadlightPower LED 40Lux Auto (with standlight) on dynamo hub
Rear lightSpanninga SPX (with standlight) on dynamo hub

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Single Speed – Coaster Brake, 3-speed – Coaster Brake, 3-speed – Roller Brakes, 7-speed – Roller Brakes, 8-speed – Coaster Brake, 8-speed – Roller Brakes

Frame Size*

49 cm (height: 5'1"- 5'9"), 55 cm (height: 5'7" – 6'2"), 61 cm (height: 6'0" – 6'8")


High Gloss Black, Matte Black, Olive Green Matte, Night Blue Metallic Gloss, Lollipop Violet Gloss, Sunset Orange Gloss, Salmon Pink Matte



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Step Through – Ladies

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