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If you are looking for the real nostalgic look, without compromising quality, the Amsterdam is the ultimate bicycle for you. This is our premium nostalgic Dutch bicycle.

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5 reviews for Azor Amsterdam – Ladies

  1. Walter & Linda Abercrombie (verified owner)

    We purchased the Azor Amsterdam bicycle, after a wonderful bicycle vacation in Holland and other parts in Northern Europe this summer. We absolutely loved seeing the Dutch out on the bicycles, whether for work, school, shopping, or fun. Especially liked the style of most of these bicycles with their relaxed, upright position and utilitarian function. We decided that we would take a bit of Holland back with us to the US in the form of these wonderful Dutch bicycles. The Amsterdam model for my wife and the Bakfiets for me..

    We had the opportunity to meet Steven from the Amsterdam Bicycle company in Holland while we were still there to help us with our choices. It would have gone fine via email, but we decided to take this opportunity since we were there. He went out of his way to meet us along our bicycle route and we chatted for a while on what would suit us in terms of bicycles and options. I was a bit concerned at first doing this order, mainly given the logistics of getting the bicycle from Holland to our doorstep in North Carolina. Steven and the Amsterdam Bicycle Company took care of all of those details and both bicycles arrived in good order via FedEx. Some assembly was required but that was very simple and took less that 45 minutes. The bicycles worked flawlessly from there. The quality of build of these sturdy Dutch bikes is amazing! They are built to be exposed to the elements full-time. Warning, they are not light.. But you quickly forget about that once you start riding them. They are built to last a long time.

    My wife absolutely loves her bike! We fitted a nice wicker basket on the front rack to further accent this very typical Dutch bicycle. Now every time we ride them, we think back to the wonderful time we had on our last trip, and forget the troubles in the world… Get one, you won’t regret it!

    Thanks Steven and Amsterdam Bicycle Company for a great product and buying experience!

  2. Noella (verified owner)

    I am a very happy customer. The service was outstanding. Steven kept me updated and helped me through the entire process, guiding me with the proper bike size and scheduling the mechanic for the final assembly. Even after the assembly, Steven contacted me to make sure that everything went well. I feel that I have been very well taken care of.

    As for my new Azor Amsterdam bike, I absolutely love it! It is beautiful and sturdy. I will enjoy it for many years to come. Even the mechanic, who came to assemble it, seemed impressed by the superior quality of my bike.
    I particularly like the way it is built: it allows me to sit upright rather than be hunched over the handlebar, which is better for my neck, shoulders, and back. I also appreciate the fact that my pants won’t get stained by bike grease, as the chain is enclosed. And of course, I love the sturdy front rack.

    Again, thank you very much Steven and Amsterdam Bicycle Company.

  3. Lisa

    Aside from being the most beautiful vehicle on the street, the Azor Amsterdam is an incredibly practical bicycle.
    The upright handlebars are perfect for carrying groceries over my shoulder while I ride, and they help me feel safe traveling through the neighborhood. The headlight works great and provides plenty of light for riding at night. The double kickstand is a great feature too because it keeps the bike upright when it’s parked.

    Though it’s a heavy bike, I haven’t had any trouble maneuvering it through the city. The only thing I can’t do is move it up and down stairs. Riding the bicycle through the city is incredibly smooth and enjoyable. I ride it multiple times a day and have not had any issues with it yet. I also purchased it with the Selle Royal Drifter seat which works wonderfully in the rain and never allows for my pants to get wet like other seats in the rain, which is a great bonus.

    I highly recommend this bike and working with Steven. We had some troubles with the front wheel when it first arrived, but Steven assisted with us in a timely manner and helped us to get a new wheel shipped to us.

  4. Michael Jacques (verified owner)

    The Azor Amsterdam Premium Nostalgia has an unmistakeable presence and personality. The lugged steel frame is stolid and proud with perfect lines and gives the air of a well established matriarch. The bike just seems to exude confidence, even at rest. The steel wheel build is gorgeous and the finish is flawless. I find myself asking permission before climbing on board. It’s that kind of bike.

    Most men prefer a Gents between their legs but I dig the Ladies. The simple step through offers a sense of decorum and a polite alternative to the unseemly custom of lifting one’s leg to mount one’s machine. This bike is dedicated through and through to comfort.

    The Dame Amsterdam is of course heavier than the average bike we get in the US but once up to speed it rolls along like a locomotive. The 7-speed Nexus makes getting up to cruising speed easy and relatively quick and the geometry is enormously comfortable. The Brooks saddle and grips are super comfortable as well as sharp-looking and the integrated lock secures everything quickly and easily. The design of this bike lacks for absolutely nothing. I’ve been delighted with every feature.

    The luxury appointments on top of the strength of the frame are what make this bicycle really shine. All of the minor quibbles and inconveniences of biking in all weather are addressed with style and grace. Dirty fingers? Ripped pants? Forgot your lock? No problem. Just get on and ride.

    Buying from the Amsterdam Bicycle Company was a delight as well. Steven reached out to me as soon as I ordered and started a conversation that ensured I got my ideal bike. I had actually just cancelled a bike order with a US company based on the West Coast due to subpar customer service. Buying a new bike is an exciting thing for me. I want the people I purchase from to understand that excitement. Steven got it perfectly. He was just as excited to sell a bike as I was to purchase. I never had to guess as to the status of my order and the manufacturing part was completed more quickly than expected. The international shipping went smoothly and before long I had the precious in my home. Assembling the bike was fast, intuitive and downright fun. There were no instructions included and none were needed. The bike practically assembled itself as I removed it from the box. I loved the bike at first ride but after almost a week I have become seriously enamored, smitten even, with this latest addition to my family.

  5. Caroline Blomberg (verified owner)

    Love my beautiful top notch bicycle! So nice to ride! So well built!? Great communication with Steven! Speedy Shipping to USA! Easy assembly! Thanks Amsterdam Bicycle Co and Steven!

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Brand Azor
Model Amsterdam
E-bike No
Frame Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Fork Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Saddle Brooks Aged Leather Brown
Handlebars Stainless steel
Bell Big DingDong
Tires Schwalbe Marathon – puncture resistant
Rims Stainless steel
Spokes Stainless steel
Rear carrier Galvanized steel – Heavy Duty
Front carrier None (optional)
Lock AXA Solid Plus Frame Lock – ready for cable or chain
Pedals Aluminum housing
Stem Stainless steel with aluminum head
Seat post Aluminum
Lights Oma PowerLED 40Lux (front), SPX taillight on dynamo (rear)
Dynamo Shimano Dynamo Hub
Fenders Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Chain guard Fully enclosed

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Single Speed, Nexus 3 – CoasterBrake, Nexus 3 – RollerBrakes, Nexus 7 – RollerBrakes, Nexus 8 – CoasterBrake, Nexus 8 – RollerBrakes

Frame Size*

49 cm (height: 5'1"- 5'9"), 55 cm (height: 5'7" – 6'2"), 61 cm (height: 6'0" – 6'8")


High Gloss Black, Matte Black, Olive Green Matte, Turquoise Blue Gloss, Bright Red Gloss, Dark Red Matte, Hammered Copper



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