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Azor Amsterdam – Gents

10 customer reviews


If you are looking for the real nostalgic look, without compromising quality, the Azor Amsterdam is the ultimate bicycle for you. This premium nostalgic Dutch men’s bicycle is the top of the line ‘Opa fiets’!
It comes with a Brooks ‘aged’ leather seat, Jumbo center stand, fully enclosed chain guard, dynamo hub, the works. Feel like cruising the Amsterdam canals. A real eye-catcher!

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10 reviews for Azor Amsterdam – Gents

  1. Gavin D (verified owner)

    Great high quality Dutch Bicycle. It is everything I had hoped for. Customer service was faultless. Good communication and a willingness to answer any questions put my mind at ease during the order process.

    Steven was happy to go the extra mile to deliver my bicycle to Australia. Great care was taken to ensure the correct size frame was being ordered. Assembly was straightforward. I only needed help from my local bike shop to connect the front roller brake.

    It was most definitely worth the wait.
    Thank you.

  2. Steve Walden (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Azor Amsterdam up and riding now for about a week and it’s been a delight. It’s a solid bicycle and rides like a charm, I anticipate a long and happy experience with it.

    Steven Verschuijl was extremely helpful with the buying process long-distance, double checking on the sizing, seat, etc., and keeping me updated on the progress. Anticipation made the wait seem long, but it was well worth it.

    I made the right choice. Thanks.

  3. Willie Thielen (verified owner)

    Love my new very comfortable Azor Amsterdam Bicycle.. It rides like charm 🙂
    All comments people make about the bike are very positive .
    From A to Z a great experience
    1. Purchase /buying experience ——– 10+
    2. On time delivery ——– 10+
    3. Quality & workmanship of the Bike ——– 10+
    4. Comfort riding the Bike ——– 10+
    5. Bike assembly – very simple – ——– 10+
    6. Customer support- Steve is unbelievable ——– 10+
    very professional and responsive
    7. Amsterdam Bike company recommendation: all around very good experience ——– 10+
    8. The cost for this quality made bike is in my opinion very reasonable ——– 10+

    Thank you Steve, great Job – I know a few of our friends are ready to buy..
    The bicycle sells itself!

  4. Chad M. (verified owner)

    I really couldn’t be happier with this bike and the outstanding customer service by Steven. I wish there were more products like this where you have a seller who takes the time to make the ordering so easy and clear and a product that doesn’t cut corners to be cheaper. You pay a premium for these but it really isn’t that much more than a cheap knockoff trying to be what this genuinely is.

    There are some plastic parts here and there (lamp parts, some clips and cable management parts, lock cover) but the majority of the bike is steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The hardware (nuts and bolts) is impressive and reminds me of the quality we used to commonly have in US products ages ago.
    This bicycle is no doubt “heavy duty” and even says so on the top tube, so don’t take it “lightly”. It is one heavy piece of equipment which I was expecting and prefer but someone with less upper body strength might struggle with it if carrying up stairs or needing to lift it. Imagine a lightweight motorcycle sort of weight.

    I decided to assemble it myself and it was very straight forward, particularly if you have done any sort of work on bikes before. Most of the assembly has already been done for you and if you have questions and want more detail, they provide a link to a video or you can look up youtube videos for similar bike instruction.

    What more can I say, it looks even better than the pictures.
    The hardest part is the waiting but you know the saying.. the best things in life are worth waiting for.

  5. Martin R. (verified owner)

    You will not be disappointed with this bicycle. It’s of the highest quality and very comfortable. Riding it brings back great memories. My opa had two similar ones (similar in looks, not in quality of build) and we went on many trips through the Dutch countryside together.

    I love riding the Azor Amsterdam in my area. Dutch bikes are a rarity in general and the retro looks really gets people’s attention.

    I also commend Steven and the team for their excellent customer service. You’re in good hands with them.

  6. Danny Marshall (verified owner)

    The famed bicycle culture in Holland is something I first experienced and marveled at years ago, when my wife and I took a number of self-directed bicycle tours of different regions of that country, of varying lengths, all arranged through the VVV, the Dutch national tourist agency. Basically, you picked your region, picked the level of hotel you were willing to pay for, and the VVV arranged the rest, including meals, accommodations, maps/routing, bicycle rental, and (the all-important) transportation of your luggage from hotel to hotel, leaving you just the pleasure of the ride. The bikes provided were sturdy and basic, and only on one tour (which included Maastricht and Holland’s highest point (just over 300 meters)) did I receive a bicycle with more than one speed. Those were wonderful, memorable, scenic trips, but what I came away with was the enduring, deep impression of the worth of bicycling and bike touring in a country where bicycling *is* life.

    Fast forward a few years (to about 25 years ago), and a brand new Burco bicycle entered my life, compliments of my wonderful sons. Burco was said to be the last bicycle manufacturer located in Amsterdam (in 2005 the company shut down and went out of business), and that classic opafiets-style, one-speed bike has been my number one ride here in Sacramento — since Sacramento is essentially flat, all good. Fantastic bike, and I love it.

    But the Burco can’t do everything, and I wanted a bike to take into nearby hilly country, so it had to have gears, but I also wanted the qualities of my Burco: indestructible, simple and efficient to ride, and (above all) comfortable. I found the Amsterdam Bicycle Company online, thank goodness, and made the long-distance acquaintance of Steven Verschuijl, who kindly and competently guided me through every step of my eventual purchase of just exactly the bike I wanted.

    My bike is customized for me, of course, and everyone has different needs and tastes, so I’ll just write briefly about an important factor involved in the basic fact of the transaction–one that anyone reading these words might related to: I live in California and I wished to purchase a fairly expensive handmade bike from The Netherlands, sight unseen, from folks I had never met, from a company I had never done business with. With Steven and ABC, it turns out I had no worries–none at all. The company is reputable and reliable, the bikes are made by Azor (premier Dutch manufacturer of handmade bikes–this company defines old world craftmanship, turns out), and the ABC customer service is literally…the best, period. Every question I posed was answered, professionally and promptly–and I had a *lot* of questions. Ultimately, everything made sense, and I was able to make a series of smart choices, guided by Steven.

    The result was a bike, which when it arrived at my bike shop, prompted the shop owner to remark, “You know, I don’t think US manufacturers are allowed to make a bike like that–it’s just too high a quality.” The mechanics told me they could not believe their eyes when they opened the box this Azor bike arrived in, and when they turned it over to me, they smiled a lot, praised the bike endlessly, and probably thought I was a really discerning bicyclist. None of that would have been possible without ABC and Steven’s help.

    So, if the Dutch bike experience is something you think you would like, you can feel comfortable that your bike is waiting for you at ABC. I love mine (I’m on it just about every day, when I’m not on my Burco), and it is phenomenal in all respects. Thank you, Steven, for literally making this possible.

  7. Roman B (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome bike!

    For almost a year, I was looking for a good “utility” bike to run errands around town and haul cargo without running the car and needlessly wasting gas. My search took me to a couple well-known brands like Pashley and Linus, but I read about some problems like rusting. My experience with derailleurs showed me that they need to be cleaned constantly. I wanted something that would be easy to maintain, and reliable. I started reaching out to various forums about solid city bikes, and I learned about Dutch biking culture and the Azor brand.

    At first, the price seemed high, as I had never before spent more than $600 on a bicycle. However, I did more research and came to understand that these bikes are built “for life”. They are made to withstand daily use with only basic maintenance, support large loads, and last for many years.

    I finally pulled the trigger and made the purchase. The customer service and communication from Steven were amazing. He offered me guidance on sizing, and suggestions on other aspects of the bike. He worked with me on a few items of customization that were not readily available on this site, including working out a way for me to get a different saddle. I have not worked with such fantastic customer service before!

    After I placed my order, he was very helpful in keeping me posted about the estimated time of arrival and scheduling an appointment with a Velotooler technician. When the bike was ready, it shipped very quickly and arrived on my doorstep within a week. The Velotooler tech assembled the bike the next morning.

    The bike is absolutely perfect, in terms of rider fit, build quality, paint quality, etc. It may not be visible in the product photos, but the fenders have a beautiful gold pinstripe and the rear tail light has a robust steel cage to further protect it from the every-day abuse of the road. The top tube also has a decal with “Heavy Duty” emblazoned on to denote the purpose of this bike.

    The bike is heavy, but the 8-speed hub and upgraded roller-brakes are amazing at helping me manage inclines and stop when going downhill with fully-loaded cargo. I highly recommend spending extra for these upgrades because it will make the bike much more manageable, and you will be safer. Again, this bike will last you forever, so the extra investment now will pay dividends throughout the years.

    When riding, you are able to sit upright and be fully relaxed and comfortable. Again, despite being large and heavy, it is easy to pedal and maneuver and you feel stable and secure over a wide range of road conditions. I have not ridden anything like this before, and I look forward to many years of adventure with this bike!

    Thank you Steven, and everyone else at Azor and Amsterdam Bicycle company!

  8. BKusumo (verified owner)

    I love my new Azor Amsterdam bicycle! Big time! I am happy that I made the right decision to buy my bicycle from Amsterdam Bicycle Company. This company definitely knows what customer service is about, which is rarely offered by U.S. companies.

    Many thanks to Steven Verschuijl who gave above and beyond customer service by answering all the questions I had about Azor Amsterdam. Also, he was very thorough explaining the details about the bike and gave a valuable information about how to choose frame size, information about coaster brake vs. roller brake, lead time as well as detailed process of what to expect after placing an order and delivery process.

    After about 7 weeks, my bicycle finally arrived. The bicycle itself came in 85% installed and I had a local bicycle mechanics to finish the complete install. The mechanics could not believe the craftmanship of the bicycle itself. He mentioned that the frame is well constructed and a quality paint job. I, myself, agreed with what the mechanics said. The style and some nice accessories that come standard such as brooks saddle, jumbo center kick stand and bright dynamo light are definitely making this bicycle a great looking bicycle.

    For sure I would highly recommend this bicycle company to anybody who really wants a durable and high-quality bike.

  9. Chris Day (verified owner)

    I was looking for a sturdy, reliable commuting bicycle that would banish all the excuses one can manufacture (weather, changing clothes, etc.) to avoid biking to work, and this bike looked like exactly what I needed. I was happy to find many degrees of freedom in gearing, brakes and accessories.

    From start to finish, the buying experience was excellent. Steven Verschuijl contacted me shortly after the order to confirm sizing and options then reviewed the assembly and delivery timeline. He frequently provided updates and checked in several times after delivery to ensure all was well with the bike. The level of customer service was exceptional.

    I opted for assembly by a local bike tech and recommend this option if you’re not familiar with the more esoteric hub/brake options as it could be a bit confusing. The technician arranged through Velotooler was highly skilled and very friendly. He assembled the bike while sharing invaluable information about operation and maintenance of the components.

    As for the bicycle, I was impressed by the build quality. The frame seems nearly indestructible and the wheels are some of the strongest I’ve seen. While the bike is heavy, it rides like a dream and easily cruises over the many bumps and potholes I encounter during my commute. The built-in rear lock, hub-powered lights, and double kickstand are features that add a great deal of convenience to the riding experience. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a “grandpa bike” to turn many heads, but I was wrong. Friends, coworkers, and even complete strangers have commented on the bike’s aesthetics and asked where they could buy one.

    Overall, I’m very happy with this bike!

  10. Robert Brady

    Amsterdam Bicycle Company offered amazing service in providing me an exceptional bike – the “Azor Amsterdam — Gents.” The bike is beautiful, sturdy, and an overall superior ride. A bicycle technician (an experienced person in his field) commented that this was a “first rate” bike as he was assembling it for me.
    Steven Verschuijl from Amsterdam Bicycle Company always offered timely updates and was receptive throughout the entire process – from the initial order, to pre-assembly, to assembly, to shipment, and finally to arrival. Dealing with Steven was an absolute pleasure as he was not only informative and reassuring, but also very humorous.
    This is a first-rate company that is dedicated to fulfilling its customer’s wishes, and offering them a lifetime of happiness with an exceptionally-crafted bicycle.

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ModelAmsterdam – Gents
FrameGalvanized steel with three layers powder coat
ForkGalvanized steel with three layers powder coat
SeatBrooks Aged Leather Brown
HandlebarsStainless steel
BellBig DingDong
TiresSchwalbe Marathon – puncture resistant
RimsStainless steel
SpokesStainless steel
Rear rackGalvanized steel – Heavy Duty
Front rackNone (optional)
LockAXA Solid Plus Frame Lock – ready for cable or chain
PedalsAluminum housing
StemStainless steel with aluminum head
Seat postAluminum
LightsFront: Oma PowerLED 40Lux – Rear: SPX taillight on dynamo
DynamoShimano Dynamo Hub
FendersGalvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Chain guardFully enclosed

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Single Speed – Coaster Brake, 3-speed – Coaster Brake, 3-speed – Roller Brakes, 7-speed – Roller Brakes, 8-speed – Coaster Brake, 8-speed – Roller Brakes

Frame Size*

55 cm (height: 5'7" – 6'2"), 61 cm (height: 6'0" – 6'8"), 67 cm (height: 6'6" – 7'1")


High Gloss Black, Matte Black, Olive Green Matte, Sunset Orange Gloss



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Step Over – Gents

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