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Azor Ameland – Gents

12 customer reviews

The Ameland – Gents is our premium Dutch men’s bicycle: it’s the modern and luxurious incarnation of a classic Dutch ‘Opa-fiets’.

If you like the idea of riding around town in your regular clothes, sitting comfortably upright on your Brooks ‘aged’ leather seat, this is the bike for you.

The aluminum frame makes it a lightweight, easily maneuverable bike that’s perfectly suited for everyday use. Sturdy front and rear racks allow you to take whatever you like on your ride. All these features helped the Ameland Gents take Amsterdam by storm.

Customize it the way you like: change the color, the seat, the tires, anything goes!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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12 reviews for Azor Ameland – Gents

  1. RONALD GRAFT (verified owner)

    This process started with me finding a quality Dutch Bike for my wife to get her out from all what happened last year. After getting her Bike configured just right with Stevens help, I had to get one for myself… I really like how you can build the perfect Dutch Bike to fit your requirements with feedback, and assistance through out the process.
    Being of Dutch heritage biking was a major part of our life’s early on. I must honestly say my Azor Ameland is the best Bike I have ever owned and it only took 66 years.
    Thank you Steven!

  2. Eric (verified owner)

    I have had this bike for about 2 weeks now, and I’m very pleased with it. I ordered a bit on faith – I envisioned a certain bike I wanted and after searching this was the closest I could find. I will outline what I got, and suggestions for others considering this bike.
    – The ordering is easy. I was quoted 10 weeks or so to build, and it was more like 8. The shipping was easy to follow. I paid for assembly, which I recommend.
    – I ordered the matte gray 3-speed with roller brakes. I live in a flat part of the US, and this works perfectly for me. I would suggest to err on the side of extra gears if in question. Even for me in a flat area, only a single speed would not be ideal. Also, the roller brakes are very good,.
    – The “extras” I ordered was the chain/lock. This is no-brainer and you should definitely order to take advantage of this built-in feature. If I could do it over, I would also order the Brooks hand grips and the rear light hooked up to the hub. The battery-powered rear light is fine, though, but the stock grips I didn’t like. I immediately ordered Brooks leather grips to replace them, and that makes a huge difference.
    – The bike is not fast, but no too slow either. Similar to a high end 3-speed cruiser I was riding. The bike mechanic that assembled it made an error with the brakes, and the bike was initially very slow. The brakes were adjusted and now it rides quite nicely.
    – The front rack is easily removable, and it rattles when empty. This is fine, and I leave it off except for when I need it. It’s really nice to have, but not something that’s needed for daily use.
    – The matte grey is really cool. I am happy with that color.
    – The Brooks seat is great. Very classy and comfortable.

    Overall, I am very happy. It is expensive, but really seems pretty reasonable for what you get. I’d rather spend the money on this than a fancy road bike or mountain bike, and those run thousands more. Looking forward to years of use.

  3. Oòwlan Kamoze (verified owner)

    Hello my name is Oowlan Kamoze and although I’ve been to Amsterdam several times, I took my first ride on a real Dutch bike here, in America.
    I’ve just received my bike from Amsterdam Bicycle co and it’s everything I expected and more.

    From my first email to Steven at Amsterdam Bicycle co till the bike’s delivery, it was a smooth and easy process. All is well and I’m ridding in style on my new Dutch bike.

  4. Bill Pogue (verified owner)

    Regarding the presta to schrader adapter mentioned in my review: Amsterdam Bicycle includes a presta to schrader adapter in the tool bag included with the bike.
    I already had several so I never looked for one in the rather nice tool kit.

  5. Bill Pogue (verified owner)

    Excellent Customer Service:
    Just checked my email logs and I had 22 email entries for Steven Verschuijl at Amsterdam Bicycle Company. He patiently answered every question about the bike, components, color, shipping, etc. When the bike was ready he contacted me and was able to hold the shipment for a couple of days until I returned from a trip.

    No Hassle delivery:
    The bike arrived via Fedex on the promised date in perfect condition at my door.

    The Bike (Azor Ameland):
    The craftsmanship and design of this bike is excellent. Welds are neatly done and paint is perfect. Mounting the front carrier to the frame instead of the fork, as every other bike does, is genius. You will not find a better Dutch Bike. It is worth every penny.

    The bicycle is very smooth and quiet so people won’t hear you coming. Get the bell.

    The tire tubes have dunlop (aka woods) valves. These are virtually unknown in the US and, except for some presta pumps, most tire pumps here won’t work with them. Fortunately this is easily fixed with cheap presta to shrader valve adapters. They are available at most bike shops and online retailers.

  6. Andy Wang (verified owner)

    Steven is a real Dutch gentlemen. I ordered the bike upon our return from our Amsterdam trip. The bikes themselves (one for my wife and one for me) are build with excellent quality. The ordering process are smooth and Steven will answer any questions you might have.
    Steven even went out his way to order a different brand of bike for my daughter–she LOVES it!

    The FedEx shipping process was not as smooth as I have hoped for. This was not fault of Steven’s part. In fact, he was very helpful throughout the process. I have had similar (not so good) experience with all major couriers (on States side that is). That said, my wife’s bike has survived some major shipping abuse. My local mechanic told me that packaging was in really bad shape.

    In short, buy with confidence! I will buy again when my daughter is old enough to fit into a full sized ladies bike.

  7. John Anderson (verified owner)

    One is always a little nervous when purchasing something sight unseen over the internet, but, in this case don’t worry, it is a wonderful product and was a great experience. As soon as I placed my order, they were in contact to be certain that I was ordering the perfect bike to my specifications. The lead time for delivery was reasonable, but I had a vacation coming up and wanted to take the bike and they worked with me to streamline the process and meet my date. In fact, the bike arrived several week faster than expected.

    I paid to have the bike arrive built and they even delivered it to my door. The man who built the bike was very easy to work with and it arrived quickly and in perfect shape.

    I have only been riding it for a week now, but I am completely satisfied. In fact, we ordered a Dutch from a different company last year for my wife and while it is a solid machine, the one I just received from Amsterdam Bicycle Company is far superior.

  8. Cyril Bennett (verified owner)

    I’ve been riding my Ameland everyday for a month now—I love it. And the purchasing process? Sublime.

    I initially approached Amsterdam Bikes without having made my mind up about what bike I wanted, or from whom I was going to purchase it. I had a number of questions and concerns and they were all met in a timely and pleasant manner. I would (and do!) recommend anyone interested in buying an authentic Dutch bike to work with these folks.

    The bike itself is wonderful. It can be a slog to be sure, and won’t having you winning any races to the office, but it can haul loads and is incredibly comfortable to ride. Looking forward to a snowy winter to really put it through the paces. The Ameland is everything I expected and more!

  9. Gene Tudor (verified owner)

    I received an Azor Ameland (gents) a month sooner than I thought it would take, despite several custom requests including special paint. I could not be happier with the quality and beautiful workmanship. The bike is exceptionally solid and smooth. Surely it will be around long after I’m gone.

    Special note of gratitude to Steven from the Delaware office. He answered numerous questions prior to placing the order and made sure the entire process was trouble-free.

    My only concern is that not enough people in the USA know about Amsterdam Bicycles. Surely their craftsmanship and service will solve that problem.

  10. Diederik van Heyningen (verified owner)

    WOW! Attentive, patient and personalised service as if I was dealing with my local store. The partially completed bike was shipped within a couple of weeks of ordering but was held up by our NZ customs for two weeks (Grrr!)
    When it finally arrived on my doorstep it took me 15 minutes to assemble and ride down the road.
    Through rain and sun and wind I have ridden this bike to work every day since it arrived and I love it more and more each day. The upright position is so comfortable compared to my road bikes and mountain bike even. Good posture ensures relaxed riding position, breathing comfort and amazing sense of road awareness all around. I’m seeing things along my commute I’ve not seen in years and I now take the longest way possible to and from work even! Its an absolute joy to ride to meetings during the week without hassle of traffic jams and parking.
    I’m only sorry I waited nearly 20 years to justify the ‘cost’….Reality is the real cost is in missed enjoyment of riding to work for the 20 years I’ve NOT ridden to work!
    BTW. Riding this to and from work is actually saving me the cost of this bike in 12 months.
    Super stoked with Steven’s help, Amsterdam Bicycle company and my cool new bike. Big thumbs up all round!!

  11. Adam Rubert (verified owner)

    Wonderful buying process. Steven kept me informed of what was happening the whole time and helped to answer all of my questions. I am thrilled to have a beautiful bike and look forward to many rides in the future.

  12. Donald King (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and a fantastic buying experience. I ordered two bikes, one for me and one for my wife. I had both bikes in about two weeks. Excellent communication from Steven along the way. I ordered with the 85% complete option. I found assembly to be fairly easy and straight forward. As for the bike, I love it.

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Brand Azor
Model Ameland
E-bike No
Frame Aluminum
Galvanized steel with three layers powder coat
Brooks Aged Leather Brown
Handlebars Stainless steel
Bell Big DingDong
Tires  Schwalbe Big Ben Creme – 28 x 2 (622-50)
Rims Aluminum Andra
Spokes Stainless steel
Rear rack Aluminum
Front rack Aluminum
AXA Solid Plus Frame Lock – ready for cable or chain
Aluminum housing
Stainless steel with aluminum head
Seat post Aluminum
Shimano Dynamo Hub
Front light
Oma PowerLED 40Lux – powered by dynamo hub
Rear light
Spanninga Plateo LED (with standlight) – powered by dynamo hub
Fenders Galvanized steel
Chain guard Fully enclosed

Additional Information


Coaster Brake – Single Speed, Coaster Brake – 3-speed, Coaster Brake – 8-speed, Roller Brakes – 3-speed, Roller Brakes – 7-speed, Roller Brakes – 8-speed, Roller Brakes – Enviolo (stepless shift.)

Frame Size*

55 cm (height: 5'7" – 6'2"), 61 cm (height: 6'0" – 6'8"), 67 cm (height: 6'6" – 7'1")


High Gloss Black, Metallic Black Gloss, Matte Black, Granite Grey Matte, Olive Green Matte, Moss Green Metallic Matte, Pale Green Gloss, Turquoise Green Gloss, Denim Blue Matte, Pearl Blue Matte, Night Blue Metallic Gloss, Rough Blue Matte, Lollipop Violet Matte, Sparkle Red Gloss, Dark Red Gloss, Orange Matte, Bright Yellow Gloss, Rusty Brown Matte, Cream Gloss



Frame Material


Frame Type

Step Over – Gents

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