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Production time, Shipping and Assembly


Production time

Our bicycles and cargo bikes are built to order (except ourĀ Stock models) in the Netherlands . This allows us to offer very customizable bicycles, built especially for you.
Usually the production time of bicycles and cargo bikes is three to five weeks, but during the high season (spring and summer) production may take longer.

Current production times are:

  • Bicycles (electric and non-electric): 3 to 4 weeks
  • Cargo bikes (electric and non-electric): 3 to 4 weeks
    (updated January 4th)

Shipping fees

All bicycles and cargo bikes are shipped by TNT/FedEx, directly from the Netherlands to any address in the United States (except Hawaii and other distant locations) and Canada.
For shipping fees outside of the USA and Canada please contact us.

US shipping fees:

  • (E-)bicycle: $99
  • (E-)cargo bike: $149

Canada shipping fees:

  • (E-)bicycle: $149
  • (E-)cargo bike: $349
  • Please note: GST/PST is charged separately by Canadian Customs


  • Shipping for accessories is free, when ordered with a (cargo)bicycle.
  • For separately ordered accessories we need to charge additional shipping costs. These differ per product, depending on the size and weight of the package.
    Please contact us if you have questions about shipping accessories.

Shipping time

Shipping usually takes 6 to 10 days.


All our bikes are shipped 85% assembled. We strongly encourage you to work with a professional mechanic or bike shop to assemble your bicycle.
If you want, we can ship your bike directly to your local bike shop, just enter a separate shipping address on the checkout page.

What needs to be assembled:

  • front wheel (including connecting the brake cable, if any, and the dynamo hub wire, if any)
  • front fender
  • front light (including the electric wire coming from the dynamo hub, if any)
  • handlebars / stem
  • seat
  • pedals
  • front wheel stabilizer (if any)

This video shows how to assemble your bike: