E-Cargo Bikes

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Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric cargo bike on the beach - Amsterdam Bicycle CompanyDo you ever dream about riding past all those cars stuck in traffic, effortlessly? Park anywhere, at no cost? Wouldn’t you feel great if you could take your children outside more often, and to contribute to a cleaner environment?
An electric cargo bike makes it all possible!

Main advantages of an electric cargo bike:

  • Ride effortlessly with up to 3 children, and their bags
  • A range of up to 75 miles
  • It’s incredibly stable thanks to the low center of gravity
  • No fuel, no parking, no delays, no noise, no emissions
  • It’s fun!

Everyday trips

An electric cargo bike offers you all the freedom and flexibility you have dreamed about. You can use it for so many everyday trips: to take your children to daycare or school, run some errands, visit family, or just to play in the park. Riding an electric cargo bike is great fun, very relaxed and healthy.

The sensible alternative

Right from the first time you ride your new electric cargo bike you’ll smile and agree with us: this is the sensible alternative. Not only to a car, but also to a regular bicycle, and to public transport.

An effortless ride

Grant yourself an effortless, relaxed ride, without stress over traffic or parking. Allow your children to enjoy being outside more often. Reduce your CO2 emissions. Choose the sensible and fun alternative: ride an electric cargo bike.