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Dutch Cargo Bikes

Cargo bike with kids and flowersWant to live a more active and healthy lifestyle? Take your kids outside more often? Contributing to a cleaner environment while you’re at it?
A Dutch cargo bike makes it all possible!

Main advantages of a cargo bike:

  • Live an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Your kids look at the world instead of a screen
  • It’s incredibly stable thanks to the low center of gravity
  • Ride comfortably with up to 3 children
  • Park anywhere, no noise, no emissions
  • It’s fun!

Everyday trips

You can use your Dutch cargo bike for so many everyday trips: take your kids to daycare or school, run some errands, visit relatives, or just to play in the park. Cruise past traffic and park in front of the door. Riding a cargo bike is great fun, very comfortable and healthy.

The sensible alternative

Right from the first time you ride your new cargo bike you’ll smile and agree with us: this is the sensible alternative. It’s cleaner than a car, more spacious than a bicycle, and you don’t have to wait for public transport anymore. A cargo bike offers you all the freedom and flexibility you have dreamed about!

Enjoy the ride together

Grant yourself a fun and healthy ride, without stress over traffic or parking. With our children in front of you it’s easier to keep an eye on them, talk with them or even sing a song together. They’ll enjoy the ride just as much as you.
Be outside more, living an active and healthy lifestyle. Reduce your CO2 emissions. Choose the sensible and fun alternative: ride a Dutch cargo bike.