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Dutch bicycles

Amsterdam - Dutch BicyclesRiding a Dutch bicycle isn’t a workout. It’s simply to go anywhere you want in a comfortable, healthy and elegant way. Without having to change.

Main advantages of Dutch bicycles by Azor:

  • Upright riding position, making the ride very comfortable
  • Fenders and enclosed chain guard keep your clothes clean
  • Internal gear hub and roller brakes need very little maintenance
  • Quality materials and parts ensure durability for decades

High quality

Allthough bicycle facilities are developing rapidly all over the US, in many places they aren’t as good as in the Netherlands yet. That is why we’ve chosen to offer high quality, hand made Dutch bicycles in the US. So don’t worry if you accidentally drive over a bump, drive through a puddle or leave it outside year-round. Our bicycles are built to keep driving (and stopping!). Just hop on and go, anytime.

A model for everyone

We selected the models below because we believe that this collection offers a bicycle for every use, budget, age and style. We’ve designed some bikes for their looks, so you can show off, some are put together to be lightweight for commuters, while we built others especially for comfort. You can fit every model with different gears and brakes, and you can choose from various colors and sizes.

Just choose the bicycle you like and select the setup that makes it your perfect Dutch bicycle. Enjoy your ride!