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About us and our bicycles

Amsterdam Bicycle Company is founded by Steven and Jack, two Dutch bicycle enthusiasts from Amsterdam. They share a passion for quality bicycles and honest products for you and for the planet. Our bikes are handmade to order in the Netherlands. They are engineered, built and checked to the highest standard in safety, durability and comfort, and require low maintenance. After all, our bicycles are made to be used daily, year-round and still last a lifetime, outside in the Dutch rain.

Our Dutch bicycles and cargo bikes are famous all over the world for their comfort due to the upright position and relaxed ride. The Dutch ride to work or an appointment wearing a suit or casual wear, whatever is convenient. If it’s cold they wear a warm coat and if it rains, you guessed it, a raincoat. If you want you can wear spandex and skin tights but there really is no need for. You are sitting fully upright, your bike has proper fenders and the chain and gears are fully enclosed so you can keep your clothes clean.

In the Netherlands, everybody rides a bicycle including the entire Royal family and heads of state. To school, work, get groceries, the beach, bring the kids to nursery, a restaurant or just to be out in nature. In Holland bicycles are not so much about being a part of a community. You just ride your bike because it’s convenient and generally the smart way to go. No wonder that in the Netherlands, there are more bicycles than citizens.