Handmade Dutch bicycles and cargo bikes

Delivered directly from the Netherlands to the US.

Dutch bicycles and cargo bikes are famous all over the world for their upright position and relaxed ride. No wonder there are more bicycles than citizens in The Netherlands. The Dutch combine professional engineering, the latest technology and state-of-the-art components to build great looking bikes, while achieving the highest level of safety and durability.

Now they are readily available in the USA. Just choose your favorite style, size and color, order it online and we will send it directly from the Netherlands to your door, fully assembled. So you can just hop on and go.

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Beautifully comfortable

Dutch bicycles and cargo bikes are well known for their comfort, which is mostly achieved by the upright riding position. Nonetheless there are other factors that make riding a Dutch bike even more relaxed. That’s why our bikes have:

  • fat tires
  • a sprung saddle
  • an optional suspension seatpost

Those will absorb most shocks from potholes, damaged paving and other irregularities, letting you relax and enjoy the scenery.

Customize your bicycle

Since all our bicycles and cargo bikes are hand-built after your order is received, there is the possibility to extensively customize your ride. You can:

  • get the same bike with another frame
  • choose a different saddle or grips
  • add or remove a front or rear carrier
  • change the lights
  • even pick any desired RAL color.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advise or to tell us your wishes!

Wise words

Albert Einstein on a Dutch style bicycleAlbert Einstein riding his bicycle in Santa Barbara, 1933

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein

Safety first

We understand safety is a serious concern, especially in the US. That’s why we do as much as possible to make your ride a bit safer by dealing with the two major issues: Reliability and visibility.

  • Reliability: All our bicycles are built with the greatest care and with high quality materials and components. Those include frames with three layers of powder coat, Shimano brakes and gears, a fully enclosed chain guard, extra thick spokes, and much more. So, with a little love and occasional maintenance your bike will keep on riding, taking you anywhere, anytime.
  • Visibility: We believe visibility has a great impact on your safety. For that reason we fit your bike with LED head- and tail lights, and mount reflectors on the back, on the pedals and on the tires.